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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13 may

the fog rolled in from the sea

creeping slowly over the beach 

and filling the lowlands

as they turned toward home

a white T and a cotton skirt

a bit of rose oil behind my knees

my favorite beaded necklace

sandy flip-flops just outside the kitchen door

my favorite outfit

for summer time


  1. A lovely scene with the fog rolling in! And outfit is cute and looks comfy.. Have a happy day!

  2. I love the first paragraph! So lovely written. Have a great day!

  3. Very nice post filled with many interesting thoughts.

  4. "Summertime, and the liven' is easy!"

  5. Lovely writing ad I like your outfit too.

  6. VERY cool images - so glad you linked up at

  7. I love cotton skirts and dresses in the summer! Lovely seaside photo, too!

  8. What a pretty shot of the water and houses.


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