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Sunday, 13 October 2013

13 October

He was born in a burst of thunder

and spent his life

mending the edges

of a sleepy world

with microscopic circular stitches

some called him a prophet

and some a drunkard

they were bound by their own mediocrity

and had no other expectations

it seems to me he trumped them all


  1. Whatever people thought of him he was himself fulfilled as he tried. What a great piece of contemplative writing.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! .... wow you did what I attempted and I soo much prefer your effort and am cheered by our attunement.... Bravo and enjoy the day! :)

  3. they were bound by their own mediocrity

    I especially like that line and am so glad he proved them wrong.

  4. smiles...we have a hard time accepting those that are different and call them excentric or worse, but i imagine that he never let that stop him which is why...

  5. You brought to mind a friend of mind, so missed to the world...unique kinda guy...often he trumpted them all. Love you Neil.

  6. When great people are born, firstly the world rejects them b ut later on they have to be accepted.

  7. Nice... a really good character sketch... and the conflicting notions of societies' so well expressed.

  8. Nicely done! I like microscopic circular stitches.

  9. again, you amaze me with your ability to weave a given dozen words into such a fine tapestry (it seems to me you trump them all :)

    love "mending the edges

    of a sleepy world

    with microscopic circular stitches"

  10. an intriguing poem, I enjoyed reading this.

  11. I am not familiar with the PP so I imagine you've taken the words from the box and knit them in your own fashion, lovely, such a strong picture you've painted. Well done.

  12. Lovely! Just my kind of stuff - bioth challenging and very delicately done... I'll be back for more for sure.... With Best Wishes Scott

  13. Love this! Great work with the words.

  14. Ha! I love "they were bound by their own mediocrity and had no other expectations". Great lines!

  15. microscopic circular stitches - great stitching together of these words!
    I really like your blog title and idea of "embrace simplicity reduce selfishness"!

  16. Perfectly done. None of the Wordle words appear forced, out of place. Again - perfectly done.
    Anna :o]

  17. It is amazing, I had a friend, who died, some many of the poems remind me to him.

  18. Sometimes the line between prophet and drunkard is a fine one indeed!

    My Sunday Whirl

  19. This is fantastic! I love the microscopic threads.


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