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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

10 September

september's mellow

the trees in the side yard are not quite healthy

they're battered by the winds and salt coming off of the ocean

they're old

they've been dropping leaves for weeks now

like senior citizens that show up for a five o'clock dinner at 4:30

they're early for the spectacular autumn show

the trees in the side yard drop crispy leaves that have already browned and are curling in

at the edges

they've been falling on the grass and accumulating at the borders

where the wind blows them and they get hung up on the old railroad ties

it looks more like October than the very start of September

brings to mind that old song

when life was slow and oh so mellow


  1. A signal of summer's end -- kinda sad.

    Lovely post. xo

  2. For some reason it seems so neat to watch them fall, and then in the winter the bare trees look so sad and cold.

    1. I once read that in the winter look for the purples and mauve in the tree branches. The color is there and it's so subtle and pretty. It gets me through this long season where everything seems so black and white

  3. A few dropping leaves here in Western Pa but not too much just yet and we are heading into a hot spell for a few days...

  4. ha, like the senior citizens...nice analogy...i love autumn so i am def ready for it...bring on the color and crisp air...smiles.

  5. I love all the changing seasons, I think there is something exciting in all of them. The old leaves making way for the new - Have you found your last rosé of summer yet?!


  6. Its allways sad when summer comes to an end. :(

  7. like the senior citizens... it made my day; lovely texture :)

  8. lovely photo and verse...fall is slow in coming here but she is definitely on her way

  9. September...mellow...I like that reference. And beautiful photo composition.

  10. Love! Wonderful words and photo. :)

  11. I can't wait! We always have a few leaves that go straight to brown and laying in the yard. I worry every year if we will have nice color. Then in October, my fears can rest!

  12. Just starting to turn here in southern NH... your photo is lovely.

  13. so lovely, what a beautiful textures too!

  14. Oh I am not ready to let summer go, but fall color helps. You did a really lovely job with the texture. It is so soft and pleasing.. I haven't added a country to the list when I do the Nature Notes blogger collage as I haven't found one yet on your blog... Thank you for linking in this week.. Michelle

  15. Love your suggestion to look for color in the winter branches.

  16. So beautiful...I think we are all getting ready for the new season and all the changes it brings....

  17. The leaves are starting to change here slowly and our Katsura tree is already losing some of its leaves. Mother nature is telling us it is time for a change!

  18. Love this autumn work ! glad to live somewhere with season changes :) autumn has such beautiful colours !

  19. Comes and go! Season's change can be interesting again! Never mind it being cold as long as there's a change! Nicely!


  20. Here on Vancouver Island there are more evergreen than deciduous trees. The Gary Oaks lose their leaves, as do the Arbutus, but they are hard and leathery leaves and not good for either composting or raking into a pile and taking a dive in! I miss the change of colour that comes in the east, but enjoy the many shades of green we see all winter long.

  21. I personally LOVE to usher in fall. beautiful words and photo

  22. This is a lovely, pleasing photo of fall. It's not here yet, but we don't have a lot of changing leaves anyway. More evergreens and palms. I hope sometime to visit the east and enjoy the changing of the season in autumn. That song sounds familiar . . .

  23. I love the autumn with the changing colors and crispness in the air. Enjoyed the reference to senior citizens coming to view the dying leaves in the spectualr glory as if a seeming camaraderie between the aging folk and the old trees..nice poem

  24. Beautiful! thank you for linking up to Garden Tuesday!

  25. a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing it


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