a rather tiny island

about our where we live

We live in New England

which is on the northern-east coast 

of the United States

Our rather tiny island is in Massachusetts

on the north shore of Boston. 

Nahant is the smallest town

area-wise, in all of New England

being just over 1 square mile

Our rather tiny island isn't really an island at all

it is a tombolo - one of only about 40 tombolos in the world

a tombolo-sometimes translated as Ayre-

is when an island is attached to the mainland by a narrow spit or bar

 which, in the case of Nahant, has been turned into a 2 mile causeway

this makes getting in and out of town much easier.


  1. "New England" sounds delightful. I've only gone as far as Maine, but one day, we'd love to go for a road trip all the way to Boston. Hubby is longing to try the pizza there. I'm from east coast Canada, by the way.

  2. I've been to Boston once, and I enjoyed it very much! But your little "island" sounds especially nice. I'm enjoying your blog.

  3. My dad was born in Boston, but by the time I came along His family had moved to Maine where he met my mother. Her family has lived in the small town of South Berwick, Maine for generations. But the younger generation has spread out to the four corners of the country. I'm hoping for a long road trip back in the next couple of years. I'd love to visit your tiny island, too!


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