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Thursday, 18 June 2015

18 june

I've been working in the garden

and sowing seeds

the landlord is an older gentleman who is experiencing some health issues

He loves to sit out of doors in his yard and watch the town folk 

walking to and from the beach

he likes to sit on the front porch chatting with the passers-by
and exchanging stories about winters past

with his old man friends

I plant the red geraniums for him

pink and white petunias

tomatoes and cucumbers 

basil and parsley 

seeds of kindness and good deeds

sown with the begonias under the shade trees

so thankful to share an afternoon with such 

a sweet old gentleman 

and enjoy a beautiful garden all summer long


  1. I would love to listen to the enchanting stories of winters past:) Pretty flowers. Hug B

  2. It all sounds lovely. I love flowers I just am not a gardener so have to enjoy other's flowers.

  3. Oh, a lovely day! I enjoyed reading about your garden and the elderly gentleman. Time in the garden always refreshes me.

  4. Sowing seeds of kindness brings peace to the sower and the reaper of the seed's harvest. Much to be thankful for when your hearts at rest and full of peace. Blessed you are a part of our Thankful Thursday community.

  5. A life that sows kindness reaps great joy. Beautiful post. Blessed to have you as part of our Thankful Thursday community. (I thought I had posted yesterday, but I guess I didn't click publish.) Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. It's so wonderful to see those seeds bloom and grow!

  7. How sweet! I bet he loves all of the beautiful flower. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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